UPDATE: We had our little baby girl McKinley Rose, 12 days early!! So, the video below is even more urgent or I'll be in the dog house :-(

Help Me "Make Way For Baby" And Grab
Our Full PMBP System At Almost 50% Off!

*While supplies last. I only have 11 6 programs total... first come first served.

UPDATE 9/13: Congrats to the new PMBP members below who grabbed
their course at 50% off so far!
- Josh Matthews, Stephanie Clarke, Robert Rinck, J Massey, David Thomas, and Robert Trent

(This crazy discount will be gone once the courses in my closet are
sold. This isn't a false "scarcity" gimmick... I need the courses out
and don't want to move them to my new office, you get a killer deal
that we'll probably never have again, and baby McKinley
has a closet of her own :-)

From The Kitchen Counter (my temporary office) of: Trevor Mauch (aka "Proud New Papa")
Date: September 8th

Alrighty, here's the deal.

I'm not going to make this a long and drawn out "buy my stuff" 24 page letter. Why?

Simple. Its not needed... and frankly... with the new 13 day old baby girl McKinley on my lap... I don't have the time to make this page any longer than it needs to be :-)

Why You Will Get 50% Off And Help Me Stay Out Of The Dog House In The Process

Bottom line... I'm getting booted out of my home office by my new baby girl McKinley Rose :-)

About 10 months ago I took over one of the guest bedrooms in our new house and decided it would be my "man cave" and my home office.

New paint...

Crisp clean crown molding...

Custom desk and furniture...

A ton of closet space for all of my office supplies and training programs...

... my ideal home office.

Now... baby McKinley is here... and the best room for her nursery is my office.


My Fancy "Office" Is Now 90% Nursery... 10% Office. My Wife Says It Has To Be 100% Nursery In 7 Days... Or Else...

I'm not really sure what the "or else" is... but I don't want to find out ;-)

Na, just kidding.

My wife is the greatest woman in the world... but she's been really patient with me the last 6 weeks while I've been dismantling the office and turning it into a nursery... and now I'm weeks behind and these courses in my closet NEED TO GO.

No ifs, ands, or butts.

And that makes me a "motivated seller" :-)


Here's What You're Going To Get For
Over 50% Off!!!

You've Got Two Choices:

1) Our "Legacy" Version of our Private Money Blueprint

This program which was the first version we came out with in May of 2009. We updated our course in the winter of 2009 with about 30 more pages of fresh content based on changes in the market and added several more DVD bonuses to the physical version of our program.

But, the cool thing is... the PMBP program is also in full digital format online for our members... so ALL CONTENT updates that we made to our program are in there... plus a bunch more.

Whats this mean to "Legacy" PMBP owners?

Basically, if you grab one of the "Legacy" versions... you'll get about 95% of the same content in your home study version as is in our "2010 Reloaded" program. However, you'll also get full access to the PMBP online members area which has all of our new course updates and is where Patrick updates the content and training each and every month for our PMBP students.

So, you're not missing out on anything... its just that for the new course updates you'll have to grab them from the online members area.

Simple huh?

Grab one of the 3 Legacy Versions I have available below for only $397 (44% OFF!) by clicking the "Add To Cart" button below.

"Legacy Version" Price Was $697 $397 While
Supplies Last (which won't be long)

Add To Cart


2) Our Full "2010 Reloaded" Private Money Blueprint Program.

This program is our flagship program at Private Money Blueprint.

I'm not going to go into details on everything about the program... for those you can head over to our main sales page that shows everything you're going to get.


... DON'T BUY OVER THERE or you'll have to pay full price.

Regular "2010 Reloaded" Price $997 Today $497

Add To Cart

Grab one of the 8 Full "2010 Reloaded" Versions that were damaged in shipping that I have available below for only $497 (50% OFF!) by clicking the "Add To Cart" button below.

Check Out Some Emails From PMBP Students...

This is the same program that the PMBP students below invested in, put to action, and got results from.

Click Here To Go To Our Members Area And See More Actual Emails From Our Students On Results They're Getting <<

Are you going to get the same results?

Maybe... maybe not.

In fact, the "average" student of training courses (not just ours) sees zero results because they don't open up the program, follow the action plans, and put it to work until it works. A real shame huh?

Those students above are the motivated minority who invested in the system, put it to action and put in some hard work to get those results.

Can you do the same? You bet you can!

Will you? I hope so... we're here for you every step along the way and you have full email coaching for 60 days with Patrick... but in the end, the students above took initiative and control over their own destiny and have been rewarded BIG TIME in the process.

Click Here To Go To Our Members Area And See More Actual Emails From Our Students On Results They're Getting <<

Regular "2010 Reloaded" Price $997 Today $497

Add To Cart

A Quick Run Down Of This "Make Way For Baby" Sale Offer...

1) Choose whether you want the "2010 Reloaded" PMBP system for $997 $497 (50% off!) or the "Legacy" version of PMBP for $697 $397 (44% off!).

Once we sell out of each version that I have here in my office we'll take them off of this page. Once they're gone, this price goes away and won't come back... this is a special circumstance.

2) Your program will be shipped to you via UPS from my home office and you should get it within 5-8 days. But, you'll get immediate access to the PMBP Online Members area today after you invest in the program.

8 4 Remaining


Regular "2010 Reloaded" Price $997 Today $497
(50% off!)

Add To Cart

3 2 1 Remaining


Legacy PMBP Version $697 Today $397
(44% off!)

Add To Cart


A Brief Run Down Of Some Of What You'll Get:

The Full Private Money Blueprint Home Action System: No matter what version you invest in on this page you'll get that course shipped to your door. The only difference is the "2010 Reloaded" version has a few more DVDs and 30 extra pages of fresh content in the physical version... but, all of that same material is available to you in the online members area no matter what version you invest in today.

Head over here to our main sales page to learn more about the specifics of our course and what is in each of the 6 Main Modules and the various bonuses you'll receive. Just don't buy over there or you'll have to pay full price.

Free Lifetime Online Digital Access To PMBP and Private Money Monthly: On this extension of “The 'MM' Call” call Patrick will open up the lines to Q&A about every aspect of real estate... not only private money... in addition to some group coaching.

A 30 Minute 1 on 1 Coaching Session With Patrick:  Each month Patrick will interview a successful real estate investor or on occaision our SEC attorney (no gurus) to find out and report what’s working now. Maybe it will be you some day

check60 Days Of Email Coaching With Patrick:  For 60 full days, which is the time-frame most of our students are really putting the program to action big time... you can email Patrick anytime for questions, feedback, or help to move you past your roadblocks to your goal. That alone is worth over $2,000.

checkAll Of The Bonuses Below:  Each month Patrick will interview a successful real estate investor or on occaision our SEC attorney (no gurus) to find out and report what’s working now. Maybe it will be you some day.

(this offer doesn't include a full year of email coaching with Patrick because of the discounted price. But, Patrick agreed to 60 days, which is awesome and is a huge bonus when you take advantage of it!)

A Few Of The Bonuses You'll Receive:

  • SEC Attorney 70 Minute Interview - Step by Step How To Stay SEC Compliant Right Now In 2010
  • How To Find Private Lenders Online Using Social Media And How To Reel Them In Without Ever Selling
  • Handling Private Lender Objections Gracefully With These Simple Scripts
  • 100% Customizable Private Lender Powerpoint Presentation and Script (actual one Patrick uses today)
  • How To Structure Your Business Cards Right The First Time For Your Real Estate Business
  • Over 35 of Patricks forms, templates, checklists, letters and more!
  • Advanced: Fractionalized Trust Deeds - How To Combine Multiple Private Lenders On One Deal Without Worrying About Pooling
  • ... and more each month!

Wanna help me "make way for baby McKinley" and grab our PMBP program at over 50% off? If this page is still up, the number of courses left in my closet is updated hourly on this page until all of the courses are GONE. Once the courses are gone... we'll take this page down and I'll be relieved as heck that I don't have to pack these programs to my new office across town :-) (and my wife will be off my back ;-)

So, just click the "Add To Cart" button below. There are NO upsells, NO cross sells, NO "one-time" offers... after you click "Add To Cart" below... fill out your purchase info and you'll be taken straight to the thank you and download page.

8 4 Remaining


Regular "2010 Reloaded" Price $997 Today $497
(50% off!)

Add To Cart

3 2 1 Remaining


Legacy PMBP Version $697 Today $397
(44% off!)

Add To Cart

So, thats about it. Short and sweet.

I need the programs out of my old office closet (now baby McKinleys nursery room closet)... and I'm slashing the price of these slightly "bumped and bruised", demo, or personal copies of our PMBP system.

Congrats to those of you who get in for the lowest price we've ever had our program... you're gonna love the results you'll get when you apply the program like our students through the link below have.

Check out emails from actual PMBP students and the results they're seeing in their biz's and lives <<<

Enjoy your weekend! And here's to all of you fathers and mothers out there... I now know what you mean when you say how amazing it is to be a parent. Pretty cool stuff :-)


- Trevor and Patrick

P.S. - This is our full course... not just parts of it. The only difference is that the physical version that you'll get has been in my home office closet for one reason or another for the last few months. Some of them were courses that I have "left over" that I had our shipping company send me so I would have some extras in my office... a few are slightly "bumped and bruised" in shipping where the box was slightly damaged... or one of the binders has a scratch on the cover.

But, 100% of the content is all there... nothing is harmed or missing there. Just slight blemishes on the shipping box or the course binders that made it so we didn't want to ship them out to customers at full price.

P.P.S. - The reason we're able to cut 50% off the normal price of our program is because these courses are ones that were damaged in shipping, have already been opened, or are our "legacy" version... so we can't charge full price for them... even though all of the content is the same. The only thing thats different than if you are to pay full price for them is the length of the email coaching with Patrick (which is a huge investment for Patrick and one of the huge values of our PMBP program).

I've had them in my office for months... and now I've really got to get them out so we can make way for baby McKinley so her nursery isn't filled with "daddys work stuff". So, you benefit :-)



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